Merchant Gift Cards

Gift Cards are an insanely easy way to make a donation to St. Leo without costing you a penny! It only costs you a little time and planning.  Gift Cards are available for various restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations.  Among the top sellers are Martins, Wal-Mart, Sheetz.  We keep some of the most popular in stock and can order all the rest. Purchases may be by cash or check. After purchasing a card, it can be spent just like cash or given as a gift  Merchants donate a percentage s to St. Leo.                                 Download the Merchant Card Order Form

Amazon Smile

St. Leo with Amazon Smile.  That means that when you shop on Amazon if you choose St. Leo as your charity a portion of what you spend will given to us.  To designate us as your charity of choice you will need to log into Amazon by going to the URL (this is also the URL that you will need to use when you are shopping on Amazon if you do not we will not get the donation) On the right click on “Accounts and Lists”, then under accounts click on Amazon Smile.  After that you will then need to search for “St. Leo Catholic Church Inwood WV “.  We will come up choose us then do all your amazon shopping on



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