Certain liturgical ministries belong to the laity by right for the sake of the community. Through the sacraments that make one a member of the Christian community, the laity also receive the gift and duty to share in their proper ministries during the Liturgy. Lay ministers are not extra or auxiliaries to the priest. Our parish family would fail if we did not encourage members to share in these ministries. Those who share in one or more of the Church's ministries will undergo training.


The Lord has called each of us to use the grace that He has given for the good of His house.


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Eucharistic Ministers - Like the disciples in the story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, Eucharistic ministers help the Lord by distributing His Body and Blood to the entire assembly. They are the waiters at the Lord's Supper to which all are invited. Eucharistic ministers remind the assembly that the Eucharist belongs to the entire assembly of Believers, something we do, not something we watch.


Reader - The reader is the storyteller of the community, the one who proclaims the written Word of God,making it come alive for us. St. Paul writes in his second letter to Timothy, "The sacred scripture (is) the source of wisdom which through faith in Jesus Christ leads to salvation". From the very beginning the church, gathered together for the Eucharist, they listened to the Word of God. It is there that Christ shows Himself to us.


Greeters - Ushers are the first to welcome the parish family. They greet, help someone find a seat, collect the monetary gifts that the family gives, that allow the work of the Church to continue.


Servers - Servers are a model to the assembled family, so it is important that they sing, respond, keep silent, and pray at the proper times. Their second function is to help the flow of the Eucharistic liturgy by holding the Sacramentary, helping receive the gifts and to prepare the altar.

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