Contribution to the First Collection


The  1st collection, also known as the General collection, goes to support the day-to-day operations of parish life. Some of these expenses are the cost to maintain our Church, Rectory, Social Hall Complex. Salary for staff and all administrative costs are covered by the 1st collection.


Contribution to the Second Collection


The 2nd collection, also known as the Building Fund, is used solely to pay down the mortgage of our beautiful church.


Special Collections


Diocesan Collections and Appeals


There are various special collections approved by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.  Dates for these collections vary yearly. Special envelopes for theses collections are included in the monthly envelope package sent out to parishioners.  Some of these collections are forwarded to the diocese for things such as Catholic Charities, Black and Indian Missions etc.. Some are Holy Day collections and these remain at St. Leo and are not forwarded to the diocese.


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